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Dark and Darker, the highly anticipated dark fantasy RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm with its surprising release this year. Ironmace Games, the developer behind the game, has been actively working to enhance the player experience by releasing regular hotfix updates. The latest update, known as update 17, brings a host of fixes, class changes, and exciting gameplay features. However, Bard players may find themselves facing even more nerfs with this patch.

Ironmace Games recognized that the Bard class was overpowered and needed balancing adjustments. In response, the developer made changes to the costs, durations, and speed of the class's skills and abilities. These adjustments aim to create a more balanced gameplay experience by evenly distributing player damage across different classes.

In addition to the Bard nerfs, Ironmace Games addressed other important aspects of the game. The developer acknowledged that while the loot drops were improved, there was an excess of treasure, resulting in an imbalance in the game's economy. To rectify this issue, the drop rate of treasure and trinkets from chests has been reduced, ensuring a more sustainable in-game economy.

Ironmace Games also introduced two experimental changes to the game. A temporary leaderboard system has been implemented, offering a less grindy alternative to previous systems. This change will allow the developer to collect valuable data for the development of a more comprehensive ranked system in the future. Additionally, the game now features a gear-based matchmaking pool, along with a temporary gear cap for normal dungeons. These changes aim to provide a fairer and more balanced multiplayer experience.

Despite the adjustments made, Ironmace Games acknowledges that there may be flaws in these experimental features and encourages players to provide feedback. The developer is committed to collecting data and refining these changes based on player input.

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